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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR activities are simply voluntary efforts that companies take to enhance people's and community lives as well as for promoting sustainable development. So, this can incorporate initiatives like supporting local communities, promoting gender equality, and so on. CSR is a vital aspect of businesses dedicated to supporting societal goals as well as contributing to the improvement of society. ORHCW is a reliable NGO in India for CSR known for its association with numerous corporations for promoting CSR activities.

        Importance of CSR

        With the increase in awareness regarding the influence of businesses over society as well as the environment, CSR has already gained much importance. Now, companies are taking best steps to minimize their carbon footprint and get engaged in volunteer work. ORHCW remains a pioneer in the promotion of CSR in India as well as encouraging different companies in creating a positive impact.

        Corporations must engage in CSR; apart from benefiting the society it also improves their long-term success. Even, CSR develops a favourable public image and attracts the attention of socially conscious investors. Also, it can result in enhanced employee morale and boost productivity.

        CSR Activities

        ORHCW is an NGO that aims in promoting sustainable development through its CSR activities. Key focus areas incorporate education, promoting gender equality, environmental protection, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and so on. Our foundation works with local communities closely, implementing a participatory framework to develop and empower societies to take complete ownership of initiatives. Through everyone’s efforts, we are leaving a positive effect on both society and environment.

        Corporations can support the CSR effects of NGOs in numerous ways:

        • Monetary donations

        • Offering in-kind donations of services

        • Employee volunteer opportunities

        • Supporting NGO campaigns

        • Collaborating in the initiatives of company development

        In short, CSR is the fundamental facet of business operations; ORHCW plays a major role in fostering and executing CSR activities. Businesses must support the efforts of NGOs by contributing resources so as to make a positive transformation.

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