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Changing Perceptions, Changing Lives: Exploring the Pioneering Work of NGO for Specially Abled in India

Orhcw - Helping Disabled People

Humans require some type of social interaction so as to thrive in this world. However, it becomes quite challenging for disabled people to interact with other people. Here, NGOs work hard to create a secure environment for these disabled people in India. This safe environment makes them feel welcomed and liberated. 

NGOs in short are the foundation of support and change. In India accessibility and acceptance, no doubt, are still major challenges. NGO serves as agents in removing the gap between the requirements of disabled people and the resources accessible to them. 

In this post, we will explore numerous ways in which NGOs make a huge difference in physically disabled people’s lives. 

Helping them to Gain Confidence

Many disabled people lack or find it challenging to gain self-confidence in order to deal with day-to-day life. This sentiment might arise from the fact of being different or neglected within the society at large. 

NGOs conduct different workshops as well as counselling sessions for disabled people which helps them in improving their confidence levels. 

Teaches them Vital Life Skills

Many disabled people find it challenging to develop skills that can help them earn. When people are dependent economically on others, it won’t make them feel free. NGOs at this point try to teach these disabled people technical and life skills that can help them earn a livelihood of their own. 

Providing Education

No doubt the government promotes the formation of institutions in order to provide education to disabled people but these schools, at times, are located quite far away or are few. NGOs working for disabled people work to bridge such gap; they start educational facilities for youngsters who are disabled and contribute to enhancing the lives of these people. 

Create Awareness

NGOs also play a vital role in creating awareness programs. In our society, people create perception in their minds that disabled people are subject to only unfair treatment. NGOs put their hard efforts into raising awareness regarding the treatment of disabled people simply by launching different awareness campaigns. 

Community Support and Social Inclusion

Living with some type of physical disability can result in feelings of seclusion and social exclusion. Here, NGOs offer community support through support groups, and different recreational activities designed particularly for these disabled people. These initiatives promote a feeling of belonging, promote social inclusion, and minimize social isolation in the disabled community as well as society. 

Challenges Experienced by NGOs for Disabilities

The NGOs for disability in the country experience numerous challenges every day. Few of them are stated below:

  • Financial constraints
  • Underdeveloped rural area
  • Improperly trained personnel
  • Disabled people are not aware of their rights
  • Inappropriate political will
  • Lack of engagement from duty-bearers

How One Can Help These Disabled People?

  • Donate to Help: Your little donation for these disabled people plays a major role in offering them financial support, organizing camps, and training volunteers to help physically handicapped people. 
  • Spread Awareness: Spread the word regarding the mission as well as initiatives of ORHCW among your companions, family members and community. By working together, we can increase awareness regarding the issues encountered by disabled people and advocate for an inclusive society. 
  • Volunteer: Consider volunteering your skills so as to support these people. Be it organizing events, offering mentorship or providing technical expertise, your little efforts can make a major difference in the lives of disabled people.


Lastly, the NGO’s impact on physically disabled lives is undeniable. Through their hard efforts along with unwavering commitment, they can transform the complete lives of disabled people in numerous ways. From advocating for change in policy and raising awareness to offering them basic services like healthcare, employment support, and education; NGOs play a crucial role in addressing the challenges encountered by these people. By fostering inclusion, empowerment, accessibility etc. they try to break down barriers to create an inclusive society where all get the chance to thrive. 

Watch: Orhcw India working for Underprivileged Children’s Education

Furthermore, they also work as catalysts for social change and promote a change in attitudes towards disability. Hence by strengthening the voices of disabled people and supporting their rights, orhcw contribute to building a compassionate and complete world for all. 

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