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Why Financial Literacy Matters for Women

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Everyone needs to understand the importance of money matters. Additionally, financial literacy in women is crucial for society as a whole. In India, where traditional roles and opportunities for women are determined by cultural norms, knowledge of finance and its tools is equally important for them too. So, let’s discuss some points and explore Why Financial Literacy Matters for Women:

1. Financial Empowerment:

Financial empowerment is the byproduct of financial literacy. As soon as the Indian women got the opportunity to educate themselves, they were also able to learn financial literacy. Financially empowered women also live a confident and independent life and can make their financial decisions wisely.  Self-reliant women can pursue their goals and dreams on their own without taking anyone’s help in their lives.

2. Bridging the Gender Wealth Gap:

In India, we can see the concept of gender divide in all spheres and sections of society. But if we propagate financial literacy among these women then they may fill this gap very easily. A financially literate woman can easily negotiate and make an equilibrium between her skills and expected salaries. She can secure her own and her family’s future by making smart investments. 

3. Enterprising Accomplishments:

Entrepreneurship is no longer ruled by men only, this is the area where women also touching new heights every day across the globe. Whether this is a factory-based or home-based venture, we can see a women entrepreneur in our next-door neighbour also.  This phenomenon is made possible by only and only giving financial education to the fairer sex of Indian society.

4. Secured post-job life:

Medically it has been proven that the life expectancy of women is longer than that of men everywhere. In this scenario, a woman needs to make her life secure even for that time, when she is out of a job irrespective of age or by any reason. A financially literate woman, can understand and make saving plans and strategies wisely.

5. Overcoming Economical Road-Blocks:

In the time, when women are becoming space travellers, some places on Earth, still put women on their backfoot. Women in some parts of Indian society are not allowed to take part in financial decisions, hence they are not allowed to understand the financial landscape either. By giving economic education to Indian Women, we can help them to overcome these economic roadblocks.

In Nut-shell:

To sum up we can say that with the help of financial literacy, Indian women can be empowered and make solid advances on the socio-economic front too. Equipped with financial knowledge a woman from a rural area too can easily manage her meagre funds effectively and make the family life sustainable. Moreover, she also can understand the economic and financial aspects of her entrepreneurship journey in a very easy manner. Financial empowerment can be proven as an effective tool to make a bridge to fill the gender wealth in Indian society.

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ORHCW (Organisation for rehabilitation of Handicapped, Children & Women) since 2012, has been playing a pivotal role in this direction. To make the bright future of Indian rural and underprivileged women, this NGO, under the “Women Empowerment” head, fosters women’s economic independence within Indian geographical areas.

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