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Empowering Through Skill Development: ORHCW’s Initiative

Skill Development Training and Initiative by ORHCW

In today’s world, skills denote a specific set of talents or abilities possessed by individuals in society. Similarly, skill development is the process of identifying skill gaps and subsequently improving them with appropriate support and guidance. ORHCW (Organization for the Rights of Handicapped and Challenged Women) is committed to skill development training initiatives, aiming to equip individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their employability and socioeconomic status.

Identifying the Need for Skill Development:

ORHCW recognizes the importance of skill development in marginalized communities and endeavours to bridge the gap created by the lack of access to quality education and employment opportunities.

Understanding the Challenges: ORHCW conducts various tests and assessments to identify specific skill sets. These assessments highlight the challenges faced by people from marginalized communities in India and form the basis for developing tailored training programs to effectively address their unique needs.

– Creating New Opportunities: Through skill development training, ORHCW aims to create new opportunities for people with disabilities and women from lower-income groups in Indian society. This enables individuals to acquire practical skills in demand in the job market, enhancing their prospects for gainful employment.

Empowering Women from Vulnerable Sections:

For generations, women from vulnerable sections have encountered barriers to accessing education and employment opportunities. ORHCW’s Skill Development program endeavors to remove these barriers and empower women in marginalized communities with knowledge and skills.

– Customized Training Programs: ORHCW offers tailored training programs to meet the specific needs of women from vulnerable sections. These programs encompass a range of skill sets, including vocational skills, entrepreneurship training, and financial literacy.

– Enhancing Opportunities: ORHCW’s Skill Development Programme provides numerous employment opportunities for women from marginalized sections of Indian society. Equipped with various skills, these women can achieve financial independence and explore new career paths.

Creating Opportunities for Physically Challenged Youth:

Individuals with physical or mental disabilities often encounter numerous obstacles when accessing education and employment resources. ORHCW serves as a lifeline for them, providing customized Skill Training Programs to enable them to engage in income-generating activities.

– Inclusive Training Programs: ORHCW ensures that its skill development training programs are inclusive and accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. These programs utilize assistive tools and technologies to accommodate their unique needs.

– Ensuring Independence: By imparting essential skills for earning and sustaining independence, ORHCW helps transform physically challenged youth into confident individuals in society. Through customized skills training, they can gain self-esteem and financial independence more easily.

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ORHCW’s skill development training initiatives provide practical skills and support, paving the way for economic independence and social inclusion. As the organization continues its efforts, it remains committed to empowering individuals and transforming lives through skill development training.

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